The World at Peace Haiku and Reflection

Peace starts from within

World then is a better place

Make your world peaceful



Peace can be found within us all if we make the choice to find it. The world can be a better place  when we  realize that how we think will determine how much of our world is at peace.

Our world today can be as full of peace, love and happiness as much as we allow it to be. It can be a miserable world when we choose to ignore to see the good that is within it.

Many people young and old need our attention.  Why not put your efforts on trying to help others and see how acts of kindness can possibly change the way you look at the world. Love that is handed out often can help others feel blessed, and when that happens the world feels like a good place to live in.

Peace resides in people that choose to see the goodness of the world. People that only see the bad in this world will soon feel empty and lost in the world that they live in. Why not put a smile on your face, lift up your chin and go forward and never look down on the world. Look ahead at all the blessing you have been given that others do not have. Life is short so live it and love it, you will only get one chance.

I personally believe in the power of prayer. Prayer can be a great tool when it comes to focusing on the peaceful side of this world. Faith is what can makes us stronger when facing the trials of the world in my opinion.

What type of world do you want to  create? You can’t change the parts of the world that are not good in your opinion; however you can change your attitude about those things. You can choose to find peace within the times that feel dark. You can choose to feel that there can be light ahead after darkness fades with  a strong mind and heart.

I choose to love the world I live in and I will fight for every breath I take for I am blessed to be alive, and have opportunities to help many people.

Make your world a peaceful one.