In search of quality

Hi guys, its been a long time that I am here. It’s been very adventurous time for me as I am now on a website which provides 100% returns for investment. I am glad that my first month was a success and I already earned 50$ from just an investment of 25$.

I thought to end my writing carreer there. But as i was just earned, i felt something incomplete. I don’t think that money can satisfy my needs at all. Writing is my passion and how can a freelancer like me quit a writing site for just money.

Nowadays i am looking in internet for really good posts. Being an online user, i love to read quality articles. In most of the earning website, People are just posting articles for money even without looking for quality. There only aim is just earning money. I will never regret that they should write quality contents. But what i was saying is that quality posts must be benefitted even in any sites.

When I was on another site, There quality posts were always respected and gave special treatment for quality posts. It gives reward for good posts with more views. But nowadays most of the site just not appreciate good posts. So even good writers are being discouraged and they just post useless posts.

What do you think people? Do you always want to be treated like this? Even in a good organization, efficient workers are given promotions and special treatments. If everyone just ignores quality freelancers, what will they do. Their talents are always hidden and what they want is just motivation. I don’t know how many here will read this article. What i said is just truth as water.

Hope you all are having a great day. Best wishes for all my freelancers to success.