Thai Siam Oriental Cuisine; a Review

My review of the Thai Siam Oriental Cuisine restaurant is based solely upon my experience as a customer and I have not been paid on any way by the business reviewed. Now, with that being said:

Sometimes, a body just wants something for lunch a little different, at a good price. This is when I recommend the Thai Siam Oriental Cuisine Restaurant of Amarillo, Texas.

Located at 717 S. Fillmore, in Downtown Amarillo, Texas, Thai Siam offers some of the best Oriental food I’ve had in the city at a reasonable price.

They’re open from 11 a.m. until 7 p.m weekdays and 11 a.m. until 2 p.m. most Saturdays. They close Sundays (This is Texas.)

My personal favorite dish is “Charlie’s Special.” Frankly, I never expected jalapeƱos to work well in Chinese food but, the man does cook with love and he makes it work.

The prices are reasonable, especially considering I’ve always received large enough portions to make two meals from each order.

They’re not fast food but, since they know they serve.a lunch crowd, primarily, the speed of service is remarkable.

The folks working there (all family, I believe) are friendly and courteous. They’re up for a good conversation, if they can and have genuine smiles.

Those watching every penny can still get a great deal by ordering one of the fried rice varieties. I’ve yet to ever have a bad experience at the Thai Siam.

If you’re in Amarillo already or the next time you pass through, if you can, you should really try them. They offer vegetarian options as well as the carnivorous.

If I had to list a drawback, there are two: 1. They don’t really offer dependable hours on the weekend. But, seeing as how the bulk of their business comes from the local office-workers, I can understand this. And, 2. Downtown parking is a beast. You might have to walk a block or so, to come here. And, keep your eyes open, crossing Fillmore.

Otherwise, the Thai Siam Oriental Cuisine offers food so delicious and at a fair price, they’re worth the effort.