Make money online with TSU

Tsu which is pronounced Sue is a relatively new social platform which shares 90% of the revenue generated with it’s members.  Members are allowed to post up to 48 post a day with up to 15 of them be shares of other users post.  You can add friends and follow people.  Your social interaction determines how much you will make.

Now for the details.  To join TSU you must have an invite code.  You can use mine which is loki1982 or you can simply click Here and signup.  Once signed up, you will want to post original interesting content that people will want to interact with.  You can post pictures, gifs, videos or just status updates.  When you see members with similar interest add them as a friend.  If you cant add them as a friend, follow them.  You are limited to having 50 pending friend request.  These request reset after 7 days or if the user accepts.  You can follow up to 1000 users.

To earn money you need to do a combination of the following things.  You need to post original content.  You need to like and comment on other peoples content.  You need to share other people’s content.  And you need people to like, comment and share your content.  Asking for shares, like and comment, or doing any follow for follow schemes is against the terms and you will either be banned or not paid if found to be doing any of these.  So just do natural things.  Don’t try to scam the system.  Like post that you genuinely like.  Make relevant comments and don’t spam.  You can see on my feature picture a screenshot of my current earnings.  I post a few pictures, make a few comments and that is it and I get 10 to 30 cents a day.  For doing almost nothing I am making some decent money.  Signing up is free so you risk nothing by joining.

You also make a portion of money from the people in your network.  So having people sign up with you is a big plus.  This means anyone under me I make a portion of there revenue.  Anyone under them I make a portion of revenue from.  So helping the people under you will increase your own earnings.  If you join under me, I’ll do my best to help you earn money which will in turn help me out.  This is my Tsu signup link .

Tsu works on both a computer and as an app on iPhones and Android phones.