sweets and love

Sweets lovers and a lack of love

Time ago,  somewhere I have read that sweets lovers are suffering from a lack of love, that is the reason why they eat so much sweets.  I do not know and I can’t claim it is  true, but sometimes I also think why women more likely eat sweets than men? Look around at any party and who most eat cakes? Who wants chocolate to their coffee? And yes, we all know how much women want to be loved, right? That is main seek of many women. And we also know how often men forget to show their love to women, and how much women complain about lack of love. Women very like to talk about love and everything related to this feeling.  And many of us have noticed that women really like sweets more than men.

So, does it means that men really do not feel lack of love? There is saying, that love is never too much. I think we all need love, we all want to feel being loved. But how it is related to sweets? I should say I really noticed that women eat and like sweet meal more than men do like it. But in my own family this rule does not fit, my man likes sweets even more than I do. So, does sweets are related to lack of love? And do women and sweets are not separable things?

By the way, scientists say that sweet lovers are very capricious  persons, who are requiring from others constant attention, but needs to say that sweet lovers are less suffering from depression, melancholy and apathy. So, I will continue to eat sweets if it helps not to fall into depression. Especially when  warm season is over and we are waiting for winter to come soon.