Surprising Ways to Burn Calories This Winter

Winter ushers in a season of horrible weather, in which most people just want to curl up, stay indoors, and take cover until the right temperature returns. However, it would be pointless to let all the hard work you have done when the weather was warmer to go down the drain as you wait for the winter to end. You can find out how to exercise indoors at the gym, but you also should not let the bad weather keep you holed up in your house for the entire season. Despite the very low temperatures, winter offers tons of enjoyable activities, including outdoor ones, which you can perform to burn calories. Some of these activities include:

Indoor activities

Indoor cycling

If you tremble at the thought of a cold breeze freezing your face while cycling outdoors, you may consider indoor cycling sessions, which will help torch calories and maintain bone strength. With interval cycling, you will strengthen your thighs, calves, butt, and core.


You need to grab a swimsuit and head to an indoor pool, whether it belongs to the gym or to the community center, and enjoy a good swim. Swimming is a low-impact exercise, so it allows athletes to work out for long durations without excessively straining their muscles, and it improves breathing techniques, sometimes even better than yoga does. Swimming can thus give you a superb physique and put you in a great mood.

Resistance training

Without venturing out to the gym, you can do plenty of bodyweight exercises that will enhance your flexibility, strength, and endurance. Some common bodyweight workouts you can do indoors include bear crawls, tuck jumps, burpees, planks, lunges, squats, and many others. You can also enhance the results from these workouts by taking some steroids that help to build muscles. You can conveniently get these steroids from the SteroidsFax, one of the best and most reliable online steroid vendors.

Outdoor activities

Cross-country (Nordic) skiing

Cross-country skiing may be the best whole body winter workout that you will ever find. You get to exercise both the upper and lower body with the pushing and pulling motions, resulting in burning 500-700 calories per hour.


Snowshoeing is an excellent activity through the snow, just like Nordic skiing, although it is somewhat easier than the latter. All you have to do is put the snowshoes kit on over your boots and walk. The beauty of snowshoeing is that it is much cheaper than other winter activities, and you can torch 400-600 calories an hour.

Walking the dog

Walking is not only free, but it is also a low-impact exercise that has little, if any, effects on the joints. As much as you can walk to move from one point to another, taking a long, brisk walk with your dog will benefit you and your furry friend by enhancing your fitness. Also, you will burn 200-450 calories in an hour.


During winter, you can avoid losing the gains you had earlier made by continuing to work out, be it indoors or outdoors. Activities like skiing and ice hockey are fantastic, but they are costly and require planning and training, so they may not be for everyone. However, with some creativity and standard equipment, it can be both easy and exciting to do activities like snowshoeing and walking, which can keep you fit in the winter.