Yoga training holiday for better health and fitness

Modern day living has become all consuming these days and leaves very little time for us to boost our health and fitness. When we try to find the time there seems to be so many things that just get in the way or we might choose not to workout at all. We have developed a yoga and fitness program that can be learnt on a one week yoga retreat that will last for years to come.

It has been shown by and  science that we need to move our body to keep it subtle and healthy but the type of exercise we choose can either make things worse or boost our energy levels. Learning to move in a way that stimulates not just our muscles but also our organs can take some time. This is why going away and spending time in a healthy healing centre where the only thing you have to worry about is getting to classes on time can be a great choice.

On our training program, you will learn all about the body’s many systems and the most important is the fascia or we could say the muscular skeleton system. This is where all of our tension builds up over time. The fascial web is what surrounds our body and includes the tendons and muscles as they move from the feet right up to the head. Our lives have become dominated by technology and our bodies have suffered as a result. We can spend so much time on our devices that the body starts to slump and so compress the internal organs which hinders their efficiency. What’s more the sheath that surrounds body also starts to readjust to the posture that we hold most of the time. A working example of that would be staring into your phone, soon the shoulders start to drop forward and the thoracic spine also tilts forward to support that movement, we call this tech neck. The overall effects can be experienced right through the body and before long we are complaining of back and hip problems as well as experiencing knee pain.

On our evolutionary yoga retreats you will be taught how to become aware of your body by developing a mindfulness meditation practice which has been proven to help with mental and emotional tension. Our minds are full of too many thoughts and very often we allow those thought to turn into negative thinking patters. These patters of thinking take us away from each and every moment which means we are either living in the past or the future. We have developed methods to allow you to spend more time in the here and now. This does not mean that you need to stop thoughts because thoughts are very normal, whether they are positive or negative.

Our yoga program is by far one o the best in the world as we trained extensively in many different physical and healing practices such as yoga, qigong, mindfulness, and shamanism. Everybody wants to feel connected to something these days and when you look at the teachings it becomes clear that we have only disconnected from ourselves. With our training program you will have the opportunity to balance the thinking, emotional mind and learn how to move your body in a way that boosts energy levels and irons out any tension.

Whether you are a beginner or advances yogi we have something here for you. If you looking to go on a yoga teacher training program then visit us to find out more.