Struggling Pet Lover

I am a struggling pet lover. Why did I say that? I say that because it is not easy to have more than a dozen cats , includes the kittens and five dogs in small wooden rusty house. We look poor. Our house is small and looks old. Maybe our neighbor is talking about us at our back on how can we manage to take care of those pets in a small house. It is a struggle because being a pet lover, you are not just having pets to take care of. You are like taking care of  little children because you have to apply love and face responsibilities. It is not okay if you will just give them shelter and food, you need to have them check for rabies vaccine every year and if they are ill, you have to have them check with the vet. You are like their parents even though they have furr and you have skin.

I am a struggling pet lover because my neighbors is not open to having animals everywhere. I cannot stop my pets from getting outside our house and be stray at once to check foods even though they are eating at our house, 3 x a day. I cannot stop them to wander around as cats are always curious. No matter how many times you shooed them, they will come back because they don’t understand it.

I am a struggling pet lover because my neighbors killed my cats. Even if I complain, no one will admit it but they will continue to kill my cats because they hate us. I always share this experiences online because I want to be strong. I can get sympathy by people, much more to the people who really are having their pets as part of their family. I also need to share this one because i love to know people who are battling it all just to save animals. I am an animal advocate indeed.

Regardless of what it is, I am proud of myself and happy that I am doing my purpose with my pets. If I will not do it, who will anyway.