Bet You Didn’t Know

40% of women have hurled footwear at a man.

I imagine if you are a guy with a foot fetish this could be an enjoyable thing. As much as I enjoy looking at a woman’s foot, I really don’t want to be hit by flying footwear.

The real stat that I would want to know is, What percentage of flying footwear hits the intended target. The lower the woman’s percentage, the more likely I would date her.

Anyone out the a thrower of footwear?

3.9% of women surveyed say they never wear underwear

Personally I can’t imagine wearing no underwear if your are wearing pants. I can understand if you are wearing a dress.

The thought of a women not wearing any underwear is quite erotic..

Notice that I do not have a stat for men not wearing underwear. That’s because I don’t care about them. As for me, I will always wear underwear if there is a zipper involved. Trust me, that little guy doesn’t like getting caught in the zipper. Don’t ask me how I know, just trust me on that one.

So, anyone out there gone without the undies for a day?

Forty five percent of people admit to peeing in the shower

I read that forty five percent of people admit to peeing in the shower. It sounds like the other fifty five percent have something to hide.

I would ask how many of you pee in the shower, but I question if everyone would answer truthfully.

To some peeing in the shower sounds gross. To others it makes perfect sense. I mean it all goes to the same place, right? Plus it saves time and water.

While peeing in the shower isn’t that bad, pooping in the shower is a completely different story.