Some Do’s and Don’ts of face wash!!

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Today i want to share something which is related to your daily routine which is face wash. Face wash is very essential step i cleansing. Especially women are attached to find some home made solution for face wash. So its very important for everyone to understand essential points related to face cleansing. Here i want to share some important steps which will focus on what is good and what is bad while face cleansing.

1- First thing which you should focus, is correct product. Use those products which is suited to your skin. Always use mild products. It is said that those products give better cleansing which produce more lather but those products contains more detergents so always go for milder ones.

2- Always use right temperature of water. Don’t use too cold or too hot water because it may dry up your skin or make your skin look blanched.

3- Always use the same product for face wash twice a day in winter and thrice a day in summers following moisturizers. Try to avoid going into sun just after face wash. Also take time out to apply sunscreen.

4- Never ever rub your skin vigorously after face wash. And don’t apply oily moisturizers in acne prone skin. And you should apply creamy moisturizers in dry skin. Always apply moisturizers within 3 minutes of face wash.

5- Never use face wash for removing make up. This may harm your skin and you will get rashes on your face. Use remover or good moisturizers to remove your make up then wash it with face wash.

6- Some people only like to prefer home made cleansers like curd or milk as a cleanser in replacement of face wash. But this is not good choice. This may cause black heads or clogged pores. Using soap is also not good because its no ph balanced. SO always choose a good face wash.