Why social networks make us anxious and unhappy

Social networks are an integral part of our lives. Whether we like it or not. Regardless of how much time and how we spend there. When we close the triangle – web, smartphone, Facebook, sinking into it like in the Bermuda Triangle. There, besides our time, sink and many more important things, the absence of which we deform unsuspected way for us. At the same time go completely new, unexpected dimensions of anxiety, which is the largest source of misery for people today.

“I’m not pretty enough, with a nice body, not like how I look and the clothes that I have.”

When reviewing the profiles of “friends” we inevitably realize that they have something more than us. When we got out bud, we notice only the glowing skin of her friends when we are depressed, we see that one of them is in a shopping mall with full bags when you are trying to melting cellulite – after one of them has a perfect body for bikini swimsuit . But we must know that the assessment of our own appearance has nothing to do with Facebook. Moreover – pictures can be manipulated with a touch of the touchscreen, as well as more serious photo processing programs. Often what we see is a complete illusion.

“I’m not successful enough, not unfold, my work is dull.”

Many of our friends on Facebook have successful businesses, travel, increase them. From their faces in the offices jets happiness and satisfaction. We feel that all cope better with life, but we – not so much. Still there will be something to bite us. Envy arises, yes, pure envy and forget the good side of our work or how much effort we got here, our successes. And we know that behind the smiles lies sometimes bad boss or irregular working hours, a short lunch break and a bunch of things that do not know.

“I’m not a good mother, do not deal with your relationship or no relationship, no children, and want.”

The whole viewing photos of happy smiling children, snug kisses, ice cream smiles. Roses of St. Valentine or cocktails on the beach. All these articles on how to be better mothers, to be more conscious partners, to give and receive more love. All this screaming at us – you do not deal with it, you’re a bad, incompetent. You can not cook, scream, run-down is your home, insecure and unhappy with this guy. Why? Why else achieves with such ease? But it is apparent, and it may be a manipulation. This ostentation and demonstration of happiness, this certainty, what is right, going with the sentence did not do it properly – they are not real. They again are a projection of our personal insecurity.

“After a long time spent, people feel increasingly depressed, frustrated and antisocial. Anxiety, paranoia, feelings of inferiority, fears – our inner center has seriously shaken. Where is actually the problem? “

Social networks make a life on display in a way that we want to be seen. It is not true, it is not us but a projection of what we want to be. If we are comfortable with its I, with my life at the moment – social media allows us to compare, the opportunity to have more. The reason it throws us into anxiety is deeper – our personal self-esteem is low. And if so, comparing with the other begins. As a consolation that someone could also be bad as a promise that we can change if you become like someone. As the biggest illusion – that we can not escape and be someone else.