Smart Food Versus Junk Food: Health Alert

Smart food or Junk Food? Health is wealth. How do we know whether the food we eat is a smart food or a junk food?

We are what we eat. Foods contain nutrients and other helpful substances that help our body. No single food can supply all the nutrients that we need. Eating the right foods for health and well-being is not a new idea.

The following are smart foods that we can eat. Foods like carrots are good for the eyes because they contain beta-carotene which can reduce the chance of getting eye disease. Chicken soup fights congestion that comes with colds. Garlic and onions kill flu and cold viruses. Of course fish is for the brain. The mineral zinc is found in fish and shellfish. There were studies that show that even a small deficiency of zinc impairs thinking and memory. Yogurt fights bacteria that cause infections. Ginger fights nausea and help relieve headaches. Spinach is good for the spirits. It contains a lot of folic acid that fights depression. Blueberries fight also bacteria that causes stomach aches. Banana is a natural antacid that soothes heartburn or gastric distress.

You may love junk foods especially the kids but eating too much of them is not good. Though cakes and cookies are very delicious, they contain lots sugar and do not have many vitamins and minerals. Colas have been the enemy of good health. This also contains lots of sugar and often contains caffeine which is an addictive drug. Who does not like ice cream?? Though ice cream has a lot of nutrients, it is also full of fats and sugar. Potato chips are deep-fried and have a lot of fat and salt. Imitated fruit drinks are mostly sugar and water with artificial colors and flavors.

So decide whether you eat smart foods or junkies.