Sleep Problems

Sleep Problems
Do you have sleep problems? Hope you managed to get a good nights’ sleep last night. There are many people who do suffer from sleep problems. I hope that you are not one of them.
Some people fall asleep very quickly and then wake up in the early hours of the morning or they wake up many times during the night and then struggle to get back to sleep. This is not quality sleep and you will remain tired throughout the day.
Our Inquisitive Mind could be what is keeping us awake at night. We are all born with inquisitiveness. A persons mind processes information very fast, and as it processes more information it becomes sharper as well.

Never go to bed when you are all tense and uptight. You will never get to sleep this way. Take a timeout and sit and relax and discuss with your partner what it is that is making you so uptight. Have a cup of hot Green Tea with honey or even a glass of wine if you prefer. Additionally, think about how your bed helps you sleep, if you aren’t comfortable, too hot or too cold you may need to change your bedding. Find a mattress, sheets and even a Linenly bamboo quilt cover that will help you relax once you settle into bed.

It is no good to go to bed just to lie and think about all the things that you had done during the day, and also all the things that still need to be done the next day. This will never help you get to sleep.
Your sleep problems could be because your mind is so active, you will need to take control of your mind. Taking a nice warm bath before retiring or listening to some relaxing music, or even reading a book for a short while will definitely help.

You will never get to have a good quality night’s sleep when your mind is so very active. We need to learn how to relax before going to bed.
I find taking a hot bath, having a cup of green tea, and reading a good book helps me to relax. Do you have sleep problems?
Kathy Atkinson

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