The Friendly Stuffed Pepper – A Simple Stuffed green Pepper

Yesterday I made a delicious stuffed pepper. A Green Bell Pepper, to be exact. Total prep and cook time was less than half an hour but I was still full almost six hours later. I’d encourage anyone to try making this treat for themselves. I had it for lunch but I imagine it’s also an excellent dinner.  Nothing was measured out and I follow a recipe, I just thought I’d share my efforts.  I think I’ll call it…

The Friendly Stuffed Pepper

  • One Green Bell Pepper
  • One White Onion
  • Mushrooms, pre-sliced
  • 1/2 lb Ground Beef
  • Shredded Cheddar Cheese

That’s it. That’s all the ingredients. I got them all in one trip to WinCo Foods on Saturday, along with snacks and enough food to get through the week. As you can see, it’s mostly stuffed with ground beef.

How I did it –

You might think I browned the meat first, but I didn’t. Instead I chopped the vegetables. I didn’t use the entire onion of course. I’d used a little bit under a third of the onion the night before in my meatloaf (but that’s an article for another time).  So I chopped a slice off of the white onion that measured roughly from where the halfway point was, and chopped it up into really small pieces. Very fine. The mushroom stayed in slightly larger pieces.  Personally, I like mushroom better than onion.

I had the vegetables in the pan already when I put in the meat. Then I broke it up a bit before I turned the heat on to brown it.  Once the heat was on, everything came together beautifully. I mixed the vegetables in with the meat as it browned and  added a tiny sprinkle of seasoned salt from my pantry.  I also added a handful of the shredded cheese and melted it in as the meat cooked.

Once the meat was done, I carefully spooned it into the pepper. I’d already cut off the top and removed the core the night before for my meatloaf.  I made sure not to take too much of the grease with me from the meat. Then I set it on a baking trey, sprinkled a little more cheese over the top for good measure, and put it in the oven at 350 for ten minutes. I didn’t even bother to preheat.

So How was it?


The pepper was still crunchy when I got into it, but that’s how I like it. The meat was rich and cheesy and smelled wonderful, and the veggies gave the stuffed pepper a wonderful texture.

The only problem was it was just so much I had trouble eating the whole stuffed pepper!