Are you a Jealous Person?

Are you a Jealous Person?
Hello all, are you a jealous person? Hope you are well today. Do you consider yourself to be a jealous person? There are many sides to jealousy. Your husband/Partner could try to make you jealous by flirting with someone else.
Would this irritate you? Do you then become suspicious or even fearful that he/she maybe cheating on you? Your jealous nature will then turn to resentfulness which causes you to be very vindictive and possessive.
Does this sound like you? You really should try to control your jealousy, because sometimes people just do this to see how you will react.
It makes them think that you must really love them if you get jealous when they show a bit of interest in someone else, learn to stay calm and smile as through you understand what he is up too.
Don’t give them the satisfaction of seeing that they have been successful in making you jealous. Carry on as if nothing unusual has happened, smile and act happy.
Never ever try to do the same back to them, because this could then turn into something nasty, and create something that was not there in the first place.
When you love and trust one another this never needs to happen. I know that it does happen now and again, but please do not think that by you doing the same thing back to your partner it will even things out, this does not work.
Communication is the best way, have it out with him/her and tell them that you know what he is doing and that you do not really appreciate it. It is not necessary for you to have to prove that you do love him. He/she must please stop doing this.
We all need to learn how to control our jealousy. When you are able to talk to one another, about your jealousy, and manage to stay calm and think before you react, and remember there is always two sides to a story.
Have an awesome day!
Kathy Atkinson
Picture from Pixabay