Self-esteem is something that comes from deep within you. Self-esteem is in knowing that no matter what, you are a person who can and should be happy.
No matter what your age I am certain that you have experienced several problems and even heartaches in the past.
Even if you make a bad choice even if times are tough, you are still worth loving, just because you are you.
These sufferings and heartaches are not easily healed, but can be eased by developing a stronger self-esteem.
Such things as bullying, loneliness, insecurity or even lack of attention, and affection from your family sure can affect your self-esteem.
Self-esteem is not something that another person can give you. Self-esteem is not just feeling good about yourself it is more than that.
Some people think self-esteem is feeling good about yourself.
Self-esteem is something that comes from inside you. Self-esteem is knowing you can do good things and make choices that are in line with what is “right”.
Even when you make a mistake, you are still worth loving. When you don’t have strong self-esteem, you could say you have low self-esteem.
If high self-esteem is feeling that you are able to handle life and you are worthy of happiness, then low self-esteem is not feeling ready to handle life or not feeling worthy of happiness.
Sometimes people with low self-esteem act like people who think they are really great. People who brag or bully may seem like people who think a lot of themselves.
But self-esteem is more than just feeling good about yourself. True self esteem comes from making choices that are in line with your core values- things like being honest, treating people with respect, and being responsible for your actions.
People who hurt others or put other people down are actually not acting in line with core human values so really, they are showing a lack of self-esteem, or low self-esteem.
Building self-esteem by facing challenges is a great way to build self-esteem and improve low esteem, true self-esteem comes from knowing you have the ability to handle life, including new things, challenges, and everyday stuff.
Each time you try something new and prove to yourself you can do it, you are building self-esteem.
Each time you face a difficult situation and make a choice that is in line with what you believe is right, you build self-esteem.
Each time you make your own breakfast, put your own clothes on, help do the housework you build more self-esteem because you show yourself what you are capable of doing.
Self-esteem is something that comes from deep within you.
Kathy Atkinson
Picture from Pixabay
Self-esteem, honest, respect.