Ways to manage your stress- part 1

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Nowadays Stress has became a vital part of human life. Every people on this planet do take stress. The only thing is that some take less stress and some take a lot of stress. People who want to do something in life do take a lot of stress in their life. And taking stress is very harmful in life. Sometimes it results into depression. So here are some tips for you all which will help you manage your stress to some extent.

Here i want to start my various tips to manage your stress.

1- ORGANIZE YOURSELF- It’s very important to take better control of your time table. You should manage your time how you spend your time and energy so that you can handle your stress more effectively.

2- CONTROL YOUR ENVIRONMENT BY CONTROLLING WHO AND WHAT IS SURROUNDING YOU- If you take care of your surroundings you can easily get rid of stress or you can get support for yourself.

3- LOVE YOURSELF BY GIVING YOURSELF POSITIVE FEEDBACK- Never ever underestimate yourself. Always remember that you are a unique individual who is doing the best which is possible.

4- REWARD YOURSELF BY PLANNING LEISURE ACTIVITIES INTO YOUR LIFE- You should reward yourself if you do something good. In this way you can manage your stress and you will have something to look forward to.

5- EXERCISE YOUR BODY SINCE YOUR HEALTH AND PRODUCTIVITY DEPEND UPON YOUR BODY’S ABILITY TO BRING OXYGEN AND FOOD TO ITS CELLS- Exercise is very important for a healthy life. Exercise not only keeps you fit but it also helps to reduce stress. So your mind needs exercise on daily basis for 15-20 minutes. This includes jogging, cycling, etc.