Ways to manage your stress- part 2

Hello friends!!
How you all are doing, hope everyone is doing okay!!

Good afternoon everyone!!
Here I am again to share my views on the management on stress!!

1- RELAX YOURSELF BY TAKING YOUR MIND OFF YOUR STRESS AND CONCENTRATING ON BREATHING AND POSITIVE THOUGHTS- You should do various things to relax yourself like dreaming, listening to music, meditation, exercise and communicating with your friends and loved ones.

2- REST YOURSELF AS REGULARLY AS POSSIBLE- First and foremost thing which you should do is take sufficient sleep of 7-8 hours. Rest your eyes while studying. As per researchers you should take 15 minutes break in every one hour. Your eyes need rest.

3- BE AWARE OF YOURSELF- Always try to be aware of distress signals such as insomnia, headaches, anxiety, upset stomach, lack of concentration, etc. Never take it lightly; these can really harm you mentally.

4- FEED YOURSELF/DO NOT POISON YOUR BODY- Fooding is very important in life. Always take a balance diet and avoid taking high calories. Never intake alcohols/drugs this can harm you physically and mentally. Some people think that, intake of alcohols and drugs will reduce their stress and this misconception force them to take alcohols and drugs. So friends, education is very important.

5- ENJOY YOURSELF- We all know and it’s a saying also that happy people live longer and have less physical problems. Try to be little humorous, stay happy keep calm, this will keep your stress away from you.

These are few important tips for you which will help in management of stress. I hope these tips help you and make you healthy physically and mentally. The above mentioned tips cannot guarantee that it will remove your stress, but it will surely help you manage your stress level so that it cannot harm you.