New journey

Yes, I am new here. But I had been introduced to skypip since its beginning. I just got reluctant because I have used different sites like this, all of which I had to quit after several months because to tell the truth, they took quite a big chunk of time and the earnings were not worth it.

But I guess I am giving skypip a try, because otherwise why and what am I even doing here? I am a bit tired of people who come to this site just for money (don’t think wrong of me, that reason is completely legitimate- me too, I come to make a little extra income too) who post generic posts that just seem to be about nothing. Their posts sound mad, but they’re everywhere and I don’t really get any feelings from them.

I am more of a personal post kind of person. A lot of times when I am depressed or stressed, I read blogs and posts and know that there is someone out there who is suffering from the same thing. They understand. I feel understood. I no longer feel out of place. However, I am not a comment and interactive kind of person. I am also like that in real life (that’s a good thing. Better real than flaky). I am introvert and a homebody. I only feel comfort staying at home. I hate Fridays and Saturdays because people who go out partying are so bloody noisy and rude. I feel like trying to keep contact with others is too demanding. Yes, I am one of those who rather stay at home with cats than hanging out with human.

Anyway, new account on a new site. New journey. Let’s see how it will go.