Running Man United: 777 Chalenge!

Last January 28, we went to the biggest nametag ripping event here in the Philippines that was organized by Running Man United Phillipines.

It was the 7th nametag ripping event that they organized and since I’m a new fan of this Korean variety program, it was my first time attending this event. I was with my siter and her 3 friends, all were excited to the games and ofcourse the main event – nametag ripping. Since we were only walk-ins, we were assigned to a team with less members. We were assigned to Team Jaesuk, which was not bad since he’s one of the Running Man’s pillar.

We were divided into 7 teams: Haha (yellow), Gary (blue), Kwangso (black), Ji Hyo (purple), Suk Jin (Orange), Jong Kook (red), and lastly Jaesuk (green).

First game was the “Jumping Rope”. The team with most members being able to jump would be the winner. Second game was “Reverse Nametag” which means we had to find nametags that were scattered in different places and put the nametag to the opponent. We were being chased by purple team and yellow team were being chased by us. It was a tiring but really fun game! Next game was “Dodge Ball”. All participants joined and the ultimate winner was determined on who was the last man standing. After that, we had the “Thug of War”. They had to cancel it since the rope was always breaking due to the strong force coming from each side (well, we’re strong enough to break the rope haha). Lastly, the main event “Nametag Ripping”. It was an exhausting game and through an exciting one. We had to rip each others nametag. 20 participants per team and was divided by 4. Many were hurt (minor) but that was part of the game. The winning team was determined on how many players with nametag not ripped.

In the end, Team Gary was the ultimate Champion! Followed by Team Kwangsoo, Team Haha, Team Ji hyo, Team Jaesuk, Team Joong Kook and lastly Team Sukjin.

#iLaVIURunningManCredits to Running Man United Philippines page