Parents and children

Sometimes I ask myself, “How long am I going to stay on this planet?”. Am I going to have the chance to see my child had his/her own family? “Do i ever get a chance meet my grandchildren?”, I’m sure I’m not the only one who were asking the same question.

Some simplest matters never comes to our minds but when you finally think about it maybe your bond with your children will get stronger and your love for them will be much more bigger and greater.

Your child will never remain as a child forever. They will grow up and nothing will be able to stop that, they will be having their friends, best friends, lover and partner.

When those time comes, you will realize how much time you have wasted for not spending too much time with your child, for not playing with your child whenever he/she wanted, for not reading her/him a story before going to bed, for not telling him/her “I love you” until you felt satisfied, for not giving him/her too much hugs and kisses until she/he is begging you to stop.

Your children’s childhood will never be repeated.

When he/she grows up as a teen or adult it will be harder to do those things that you didn’t do at his/her childhood days. Your child wants to hear you say “I love you”, wants you to hug them when sleeping, wants to talk to you often, wants to see you laughing, wants you to appreciate what they are doing, wants you to play with them.

Parents does not need to always yell at their children whenever their children made a mistake. Parents could always explain everything calmly to their children so that the child might understand everything better.

Nobody could turn back the time so spend your time with your children like everyday is your last day.