Right writing

Hi there everybody. This is my first post. Today, I’m going to share a topic called Right writing. It’s about writing the right way. We all came here and I bet most of us joined to make money online by writing and that entails we must do it perfectly as we can. Avoiding grammatical errors and other mistakes in writing to make it look professional, neat, easy to read and understandable.

To tell you the truth, I’m not that perfect in English. I had a low grade on high school due to me being a naughty kid, sometimes sleeping in class and cutting classes. But I was tutored by my mother when I was a kid when we had no money to go to school that enhanced my English grammar. I still have little problems on punctuation but I am studying it little by little.

Having a nice and well-written article will draw you more visitors so I suggest you make it perfect as much as you can so you will reap the benefits this site will give to you.

The problem I have with punctuation is the semi-colon or (;). I reviewed short lessons online and I think I need to check it out again to create flawless posts that is interesting and readable. I also read them myself so I want them all to be perfectly neat and outlined accordingly in order that I get to practice English as it isn’t my native language. When I read my posts like the ones I have on blogger, all well-written and produced with utmost care in grammar, I feel like I have accomplished something worthwhile.

In short. As much as you can, perfect it. As you may have noticed on my 1st post, all periods and comas are in place and is correct, no spelling error and all sentences are well-versed. Even small errors are considered unattractive telling the visitor’s mind that it’s not worth reading.