Why Dungngo?

This is my first post here in Skypip. So obviously, I have some explanation to give especially that you don’t know what is “dungngo” means. And of course, part of my familiarization here, first post is always the introduction of who is this writer? As they say, first impression last.

Dungngo is an Ilocano word. Ilocano is a major language in the Philippines which is located in the northern most part of the country. Ilocano as we are, we have our own language differ from the Tagalogs of Metro Manila and Bisaya of southern part of the country.

Dungngo is a romantic word. Synonym to love. It is not directly meaning “love”. Dungngo is being compassionate, being romantic and loving to the dear one. It how you show your care, how importance she/he is to you. Yeah, the nearest English word for “dungngo” is sweetheart.

So, why I choose this word and not the millions of English word that can be found in the dictionary or internet.  Why choose the hard to understand word that seems hard to memorize. Simple, because I am proud of my region. And I am a writer who really wants to show you the traditions, customs, place, heritage, new and happenings of our tribe.

I wanna show you all the little known Ilocandia with my photos and my literature. We have our unique geographical landscapes and places, we have our very own abilities and talents. We have our festivals. And just like you, we are a very passionate person.

But of course, I guess will be writing more of happenings and news in our region. Especially that the election is getting nearer, we are always in the frontline of the news.

So, I wanna say thank you to all of you guys for letting me here as your partner and “dungngo”.