Reasons why good sleep is important!!

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We all know how much sleep is important for us and if we don’t get adequate sleep it can harm our health. Nowadays the rush in everyone’s life don’t let them sleep calmly. They move towards work and money. But i say that if you won’t have good health what will be the use of money. Today i am going to discuss some reasons why sleep is very important.
1- POOR SLEEP CAN MAKE YOU FAT- I have heard many people saying that if you sleep much you will gain weight but this is wrong. If you won’t get proper sleep than you can be fat. Less sleep is the strongest reason of fat gain.

2- GOOD SLEEPERS TEND TO EAT FEWER CALORIES- As per studies it is said that people who take good sleep take few calories as compared to those who are not. Poor sleep affects the hormones which regulate appetite.

3- GOOD SLEEP CAN INCREASE CONCENTRATION AND PRODUCTIVITY- Sleep is important for various brain aspects. It affects the working of brain. Good sleep can enhance your problem solving skills and create good concentration as well. this has been proved in a study.

4- GOOD SLEEP CAN MAXIMIZE ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE- In a study of basketball players, it has been seen that there was a increase in the accuracy and speed of the players who are good sleepers. Longer sleep has shown in many individual, a greater athletic and physical performance.

5- SHORT SLEEP CAN INCREASE THE RISK OF HEART DISEASE- LESS SLEEP HAS MANY AFFECT ON OUR HEALTH INCLUDING MANY FATAL DISEASES AS WELL. Heart disease in one of the most risky disease which can be caused by less sleep. In study it has been proved that poor sleeper are affected from heart diseases as compared to those who take sleep of 7 to 8 hours at night.

6- SLEEP AFFECTS GLUCOSE METABOLISM AND DIABETES RISK- Experimental sleep restriction affects blood sugar and reduces insulin sensitivity. In a study, some people are said to sleep 4 hours for 6 nights and after that it has been noticed that, per-diabetes symptoms are found in their body. People sleeping less that 6 hours everyday are affected by TYPE 2 diabetes.

7- Poor Sleep is Linked to Depression- POOR SLEEP DIRECTLY AFFECT TO MENTAL HEALTH ISSUES LIKE DEPRESSION. In an estimate it has been seen that 90% of people have depression due to inadequate sleep. Also most of the death by suicide are results of poor sleep.

8- Sleep Improves Your Immune Function- Poor sleep can directly affect your immune system. It has been seen that people suffering from cold and cough take less sleep of less than 7 hours. And those who take good sleep have less problem of cold.

9- Poor Sleep is Linked to Increased Inflammation- Sleep has a major affect on body inflammation. It has been also seen that less sleep activates undesirable makers of inflammation and damages many cells.

10- Sleep Affects Emotions and Social Interactions- Poor sleep decreases our ability to interact in social world. It affects our emotions and our will power. It has been found in a study that people who took lees sleep, are unable to recognize the emotion of anger and happiness.

From the above few reasons i have tried to open eyes of people who are too busy in their lifestyle that they find no need of sleep. But i request to them that sleep that much important as much as their work so find time for sleep as well.