aerobics or yoga

Aerobics or yoga?

Aerobics or yoga?

For decades, aerobics during which the heart rate and breathing become more frequent was called the gold standard for a beneficial impact on health. More energy, improved mood, decreased heart diseases and risk of some types of cancer, better sleep, thinking, sex – the list is endless.

However, it appears that there may be a different form of exercise, having even greater beneficial impact for your body – this is yoga, and weight loss suddenly finds itself in a features list of the positive impact of yoga.

Yoga – a highly effective tool for stress reduction. Nevertheless, even some yoga enthusiasts would be surprised to know that the health benefits of yoga are often even greater than aerobics. Yoga more than aerobic exercises improves body balance, flexibility, strength, reduces pain experienced by the elderly, menopausal symptoms, increases more energy, efficiency in the social and work activity. So it is clear that yoga really is not merely a means to calm down and to increase the flexibility of the body.

Aerobic – it’s fun, easy, inexpensive and highly effective way to exercise, characterized by a number of health benefits. In addition, it is important to maintain physical activity every day, to make a breaks for the movement that we would not spend all day sitting.

Yoga – it’s exercise, however, we have to admit that yoga should not be seen merely as a means to increase the flexibility of the body.  Yoga really is not inferior to other types of exercise, which we know very well. In other words, if you like yoga, do not feel bad that have no time for jogging or cycling. Yoga obviously has lots advantages of physical activity , it is some kind unity of exercise and meditation.

Constant stress contributes to the “food-seeking” behavior, including a lot of sugar and fat-containing products use, which may ultimately result in obesity. Because yoga has many positive characteristics associated with exercises and also effectively relieves stress, it can be seen as a highly effective obesity-fighting weapon.