Propellerads cpm site alternate of adsense

Propellerads cpm site alternate of adsense
Online advertising become popular and adsense it best online ads network. Ads are useful and can be use to generate some money. There are many type of ads in online market. These main are


2- CPC

3- CPA or PPL


If you are publisher and you want to monetize your website then you have to try propellerads because it is only one site that provide all type of ads. Some common examples are

1- Adsense do not provide pop up ads but you can find pop up ads in propellerads

2-Adsense do not provide cpa or PPL offer

Adsense do no offer direct link fo ads. If we compare cpm or cpc rate with propellerads then propellerads cpm rate is lower than adsense but if your customers re active then you can make more than adsense because it provide cpa or ppl offer which cos varies from 1 to 50$ per lead. Google pays for clicks only but if user complete some task then you will not get paid for that in adsense on other hand you will get paid in propellerads.

Propellerads media is good for small publisher. It do not have any traffic requirement it is main advantage over adsense. Adsense require good standing site but propellerads do not. Propellerads cpm rate varies up to 10$. It is good for small publisher and I thik it is best alternate of adsense. Propellerads is running since 2000 and paying its user so it is reliable too. It conduct seminar like adsense and it have also a great help desk for publisher. It do not run malware in its ad tag. If you find male ware then contact . It will remove instantly. I am working it since one year and I have a blog. Propellerads also allow adult site but adsense do not allow adult materials.

I have attached my screenshot of my earning. Main disadvantage that it payment term that is Net-30.