Poetry Form: Quintern

The “Quintern” is a poetry form I made up based on another form called the Quatern.

The Quatern is a sixteen line poem made up of four stanzas of four lines each.  As you may have guessed, the Quintern is made up of five stanzas of five lines each.

And, since I am adding things, on…the Quatern has eight syllables per line.  The Quintern has nine syllables per line.

Like the Quatern, the Quintern has a descending line.  The first line of the first stanza becomes the second line of the second stanza, then the third line of the third stanza, and so on.

Also like the Quatern, the Quintern has no rhyme required, though if the poet wishes, they certainly may attempt to add it.


O lift up  your eyes unto the hills,

For it is from there that your help comes.

Worthwhile help comes from the LORD alone–

Great three in One–Father, Spirit, Son

Who made the heavens and all the earth


Be patient, He will come in His time,

O lift up your eyes unto the hills.

The sun, it may set, and it may rise

It may seem the clock has stopped moving

But He keeps ev’ry promise He makes.


He never sleeps, His eye is on you

He is your protector,  your keeper

O lift up your eyes unto the hills,

For strength in your weakness is coming,

And His timing is always perfect.


He will allow nothing to defeat you

No matter how grim things seem to  be

Remember that He is in control:

O lift  up your eyes unto the hills

Behold, what is that in the distance?


A cloud of dust, hoof beats in the air;

See, onward comes the Great Commander

Who will never forsake His soldiers!

He comes, the One Who give victory —

O lift up thine eyes unto the hills !

©Stacey Uffelman 11/16/15

Based on Psalm 121

… And there is the Quintern.  I suppose that one could do this with six lines per six stanzas, and maybe ten syllables a line, but that may make for a ver-r-ry long poem.