myLot is now paying members again.

I signed up for myLot years ago.  I was lured by the promise of getting paid for being social.  I spent a few days being social and only made pennies.  In fact I think I made 16 cents over the course of about 2 weeks.  I quit after that and figured myLot was a waste of time.  In 2013 they stopped paying altogether.  I recently came across a post from someone who said they had revamped the revenue system and were now paying again.  I decided to check it out.  So far I have been impressed.  With a few post and interactions each day I have managed over 60 cents.  Compared to my passed experience this is far better than before.  I have even learned a few new things, such as I was able to find this site because someone posted about it on there.   Mylot is definitely one of the places I make money online now.

The rules are pretty simple, you are not allowed to advertise products, use affiliate links or spam.  The concept is pretty simple, you are supposed to post discussions on a topic.  Other people like and comment on the discussion.  The more activity you get on your content each hour the more revenue is generated.  You are also able to follow members and do direct messages.  The minimum payout for the website is 10 dollars and they pay each month.  In three days I have managed to get 60 cents while learning.  I think I can get the 10 dollar minimum each month with very little work.  I just post stuff during my breaks and comment on interesting topics.  I even get to post some of my photography there and see how people like my work.