Platero – A Barangay of Hats

Philippines is a country of vast heritage. A long time ago, this country was influenced by different cultures through sea trade. Aetas are the first known people that inhabited the country. They are known to have a distinct fashion sense similar to african tribes that still exist today. Now this country has changed, through the introduction of globalization and fast technology.  Barangay Platero is a small group of community wherein fashion is a business. And they started a livelihood common to every families but very unique against the different places in the country Рits hats. Hats are one of the most important garments used globally as a rule of fashion and so as a necessity. In Platero, hats are made by hands, articulately sewn but done as quick as possible. They are made with good qualit using the best materials not only for beauty but durability. I myself came from a family of hat business. My grandfather owns a hat business that caters various companies and small scale store from Northern Luzon up to Metro Manila. Hats are delivered in bulk so the need for vehicles is always required. Transactions usually starts wirh developing  a hat sample. Clients thinks of how the hat should look like, our family usually have a standard mold of hats used for them to help. Logos are provided so a person with skillful hands for drawing is needed. Rejection is expected but that is minimal. As soon as a sample is approved, the client will provide a fund for the creation of the product. A real buyer and seller should always be on hand. Purchase of raw materials depends on the collaboration. Usually, like in our family, we are those who will buy the cloth and threads needed. Sometimes, the cloth is zo hard to find, going to the city is needed for buying the materials. Carefull budgeting is always needed. As soon as every materials are completed, production will run. Our family hired expert sewers that training is not needed as soon as they started working. Production may end from 3 days to weeks and deadline is always met. Packaging are normally using clear plastics.