Bonsai in the Philippines

I have always been a fanatic and enthusiast of bonsai. Bonsai is the art of creating miniature trees ┬áThese are planted in shallow pots so that there is an appearance of the roots showing on the surface of the soil. During the ancient times, creation of these plants may take years. But now recently, we can create bonsai in just weeks to a few months through careful selection. Bonsai is also a profitable business. Like any other horticulture, you can sell bonsai items. Philippines is a country of vast natural surroundings. It also have its own unique flora and fauna. With this saying, we can say we could create unique bonsai items using indigenous Filipino plants. What I can say is that we can grow tropical plants as bonsai. It is because generally, Philippines can grow sun loving plants. This might be different from common bonsai. Normally bonsai are pines, plums and cherries. But we can tell that these plants could do compete for aesthetic purposes. If you go to common garden shop the most common specimen made as bonsai are the following – balete, pithecarphus, and box pine. But here I show you possible specimen that can be eligible bonsai creation that will be a sure hit. Malunggay is a popular plant that is known for medicinal purposes. It has small green leaves that is very promising for bonsai. It can grow through graft in the Philippines so we can tell that we can propagate bonsai with very thick trunk. As soon as the tree will mature it can produce beautiful white flowers and fruits. Next is santan. Santan is a already made into bonsai in exhibitions. No one can expect that it can create small trees once planted in trays. I believe it could also be a good start for bonsai beginners. Third is the coconut. Philippines is known as a coconut country so definitely we should have coconut as a bonsai. I believebthat the trick for a coconut bonsai is once the plant begins to sprout from the shell the gardener must hurriedly put the plant on a shallow pot. It may create a lovely beach scenery with white beach sand.