One of the best budget printer out there

I bought this in 2015 when I had started studying and needed printed material heavily at low costs. I bought this for around the 3k mark and it has not disappointed me ever.

It handles the pair well and hardly 1 out of a 90 or a 100th time the paper gets stuck somewhere.It prints great on both sides and is cost effective.It is user-friendly and easy to understand 15min to 45 minutes with the manual at your side.I can’t comment on the service of Ricoh as I never required it. It has been so reliable and efficient in its work.Its printing speed is decent however in summers if you print many documents together it gets a little hot and printing speed goes down a little but that’s acceptable for the price point at which it was bought.To sum it up.It is a sturdy and well-made product and I would give it a thumbs up.