Best money transfer as like friend

PayPal customer service for a chargeback finally got a hold of PayPal and they reversed the hold on the money so because for seller protection program I had shipper the camera out I had free shipping on it I put delivery confirmation signature on the package when they look when I talk legal and they looked at it they went ahead reversed the fee under the seller protection.                                                                                               Important it for everybody that has a PayPal account put your email information in your PayPal account because this is how it works once you send me payment click on PayPal I go into the account and it gives me your information as far as your address shipping address in your email

My first PayPal amount from clixsense that really I was surprised thanks for giving a lot of happiness, PayPal accepts payments worldwide as friendly

Adding cash to your palpal balance is easy when you use Paypal it takes quiz this is really good PayPal money.