Planning to become an Entrepreneur? Check how to get pollution clearance-!

Hi guys. i know many people who wanted to become an entrepreneur. Most of them don’t know the guidelines or any procedure to clear  and get the pollution certificates from the concerned authorities.


In order to set up and operate an enterprise, the investor has to approach the State Pollution Control Board. The SPCB evaluates and assesses the quantity and quality of effluents likely to be generated by the proposed unit as well as the efficacy of the control means proposed by the investor to meet the prescribed standards.

Water Pollution

The water (Prevention and control of pollution) Act was enacted in 1974 to provide for the prevention and control of water pollution and for maintaining or restoring of wholesomeness of water in the country. The act was amended in 1988.

Air Pollution

The Air (Prevention and control of Pollution) Act was enacted on 1981and amended in1987 to provide for the prevention, control and abatement of air pollution in India

a) Those organizations which handle hazardous solid waste should get authorization from Pollution Control Board in compliance with laws regarding the management of hazardous waste.

A hazardous waste is any waste or combination of wastes that poses a substantial danger, now or in future to human, plant or animal life and which therefore, cannot be handled or disposed of without special precaution. Industries are a major source of hazardous waste.

b) Those organizations which produce plastic and plastic related products should get registration from the pollution control board in compliance with the rules regarding the management of plastic waste.

In order to get clearance from the Pollution Control Board the entrepreneur has to apply in the prescribed form In addition to that, if any hazardous solid wastes are produced in the course of processing, the entrepreneur has to submit Form 1 related to hazardous Waste Rule.