Money making ideas

Money making

Well friends, i suppose everyone wants to earn money and it would be nice if you have to put less efforts in finding out money making.

So i am here to tell you the most simple money making ideas and furthermore, you can earn by simply relaxing at your home. There are number of options online by which you can earn money , some of them needs investment and can provide a good earning but its not necessary to invest when it comes to online money making.

google adsense

Google adsense is a platform provided by google to advertise. google adsense is basically for the website publishers who want to display their text, video, or image advertisements on random website pages and earn money when the viewers of the site  view or click on the is one of the best money making ideas

writing tasks

For those people who have writing skills , this task is best for them as the work requires only writing skills. I am currently doing the same thing though i am not so good at writing but its also helpful to improve the user’s English and writing skills at the same time.


The simplest way to earn money online is completing the online surveys. Though it is simplest but at the same time it is slowest also.Taking on surveys  might be slow but is a legit way to earn money online. For completing a survey a user is rewarded with a small cash reward.

And if you guys know all of these and  still want another new idea so the best way to find it out is YouTube. It contains the ideas from all over the world. Well, friends that’s what i do , so i thought of sharing my views so that it can help you people too.