Male Modelling Dream

  1. The modelling idea is so doubtful as a job. Many came to the point as that became prostitutes. Thay only rely on events every summer. I found that a casting will only range to only $10 to $20 in one event. The schedule is usually at nught like from 8 pm to 1 am and the location is a gay , KTV or comedy bar. We also know that pageant event is one of the usual programs of politicians in every town.  For a person to pass a screening, he is required to be good looking and physically fit. I also heard that a good posture and good ability to walk the runway are required. These things normally comes with good genes of their family. The disadvantages of this part time job are the following. Since this is a part time job, it cannot supply daily necessity. Normal office work can provide $20 salary a day compared to this job that even needs weeks to months of preparation working out and beautifying the hair and skin. Secondly this is not an in demand job. There is not even an asurance that real salary is provided since we can forecast a low sales of people who watch these shows. Profit may come from sponsors but this has no specific assurance. For the models, gay prostitution is an attraction which could lead to health risk such as AIDS. The exact advantage that models like on this job is the fulfillment of winning the competition. With the feeling of pride, becoming the most most handsome and most popular among the candidates. Cash prize may range to $40 to $200 as what I found. I fins this amount very small compared to a regular legitimate job. Trophies and sash are provided as proof of being a winner. For a regular guy like me, I can tell that I like this kind of pride if I pass the screening of a certain pageant competition for a good physical appearance is a rare gift that cannot be achieved even with science or cosmetic surgery.