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Write Articles That Reads Well

Breaking into a Writing Style of Your Own

To convey a message with limited words is difficult. The author always tries to write articles that read well. The idea that the author conveys in the article at the start is carried through to the end.

Here we see the hill, the peak that we need to cross. And you can be sure that we are bound to come upon the treasure soon. But if the author does not present the idea clearly, then the entire article is dead. We will only be reading the eulogy dedicated to an idea that never came to light.

Content Creation

The author attempts to show a continuous thread, that connects somehow to all parts of the article. It is the dress that the article wears — some adorned with metaphors, and some sparkling with wit. The endorsement of the reader is always the crowning jewel but let us put the brakes on. Are we missing something?

Gist of the Article

Yes, we are missing the gist of the essay. This should be succinct and clear. Here it is the endeavor to make the presentation without getting the lines crossed. The article should smell clean. So, when we reach the home stretch, we have the satisfaction of having read the article and gathered the gist.

Think about it

The essence of an article is to make the reader think. Yet, the thread is so light and sublime that one never notices it. When one ponders while writing his or her articles, the hidden meaning comes to¬†light. The way suddenly becomes clear. Yes, the dead suddenly rise…Happy Easter!

No, I am serious. The thoughts that lay dead within the recesses of the mind can never come to life until they are given that spark. And the spark will only come if you persevere in a positive manner, without imitation, flattery or mockery of any kind. Tough? That is what articles are all about.