Love triangle;result to death

Being Faithful is not a matter of respecting your partner but youself. You got to learn to respect your own body and if you cannot then it is difficult to even respect that of your partner.

When i call it love triangle i don’t even think this deserves to be called love. If it were love there is no way he could have left his wife to go and sleep with another. This man requested the wife for some money they had at home which was about $30. He left and promised to come back with some shopping.

What the wife did not know is that the man went to see another woman. So you can now figure out why he needed the money.

The man went to see the other woman.  It was in town and apparently the husband to this woman had gone to work.  So these two had the house to themselves. Unfortunately the husband came back unexpectedly and found them on bed. Whatever followed is not something to smile at. The husband was so furious and so he ended up stabbing this man multiple times. The man did not even make it to the hospital.

I cannot imagine the pain the wife of this man went through when she heard the news. She thought the man had gone to fetch for the family but that was not the case. He is not alive to answer the questions she has and now the pain will just eat her up from inside.

And what of the kids? If they are old enough to understand what has happened then i guess they will never forgive him. If you ask me he died for nothing and left his family all alone.