5 Ways To Dirty Money

We live with money and I can term it as life. People dream, talk, eat and sleep money. Most of the world activities are centeredSunset on this vital commodity. Who can live without it? Love is brewed with money. It lubricates and oils relationships. Services and commodities come with money. We kill and cheat due to it. Respect and power come with it. Money Is Not Just Money. Categorically, all money is not clean money and therefore is not good. Only money earned honestly is clean money. Dirty money is not dirty by its looks but by how earned. Money earned dubiously is dirty.

Some Dirty Money!

1. Swindled,stolen and proceeds of corruption. This is feeding on others sweat. Such dubious ways may seem right but despite lacking humanity lead to death. Proverbs 14:12 says there is a way that may seem right in the eyes of people but leads to death.

2. Prostitution produces dirty money too. People sell their bodies. They have no shame. The things they do can make you puke. They are dirty and their proceeds dirty too.

3. Devilish money stinks. A woman confessed on Facebook that she used to sleep with corpses to get rich. They got divorced with the husband when he learnt of her orgies. How did she make corpses do it. It is dirty and weird.

4. The tendency of overcharging to get rich quick can produce dirty money.It is good to earn profit in business yet scrupulous businessmen who overcharge their goods inĀ  the get-rich-quick schemes are involved in dirty money.

5. Avoiding to pay debts make your money dirty. It is unfortunate that very many people avoid to pay their debts so that they keep the money. They will go to any extent to avoid the debtor. Such money is dirty money and should be avoided.