Level 4 body armor plates: the way to stay alive

During a tactical mission, taking safety for granted is one of the reasons why many people get injured or even die. In this article, you will learn something about the most outstanding body armor products available on the market today. Be safe. Protect yourself. Live to fight another day.

The top-notch construction

Modern ballistics have changed significantly throughout the years. That includes weapon designs and means of protection as well. That’s why the best level 4 plates out there are made of a durable and lightweight composite. These are PE+ ceramics we’re talking about. Level 4 body armor plates are therefore incredibly durable, a feature, which has been tested independently in NTS Chesapeake Laboratory.

Be light, move fast

The weight of these armor plates is as stunning, as their ballistic values. Depending on size, a single plate can weigh only 2.30 lbs. That gives you manoeuvrability very hard to imagine some years ago when armor plates were heavy as hell. Many guys refused to wear them in order to get better movement range and agility. They don’t have to do that anymore, thanks to level 4 armor plates.

Protection worthy of a soldier

But overall weight is not as crucial, as the protection armor plates should provide. The level 4 plates are rated for multiple impacts from armour-piercing rounds and, as we said before, that fact has been independently tested many times over at Chesapeake ballistic facilities. That effort is a great value itself, don’t you agree?

A comfortable carrier is equally important

It is quite obvious that even the best protective plates are useless without any means of transportation. You need to carry them on your body without thinking about it. 11×14 plate carrier can handle two 11×14” ballistic armor plates (one in the front, the other one on the back) and two additional 6×13” side panels.

The carrier itself is made of highly durable 500D Nylon fabric with a lot of adjustment possibilities. What’s more, the colour range of this carrier is not limited to just one simple black. You can also get a camouflage pattern or a tan one, for example, if you’re in need of such visual protection.

body armor plates
body armor plates

Final conclusions

As you can see, the sophisticated level 4 plates in cooperation with a useful carrier are the overall must-have ballistic protection set that will keep you safe in case of any hardcore action just waiting to happen. Almost feather-weight armor in an 11×14 carrier will also provide you with extreme agility that was simply unthinkable in the past.