Kanye for President? Say what?

Yes yes yes. Kanye West or as I like to call him “Mr.Full of himself” is at it again.  On the video music awards he announce that in 2020 he was going to run for president.  I was shocked. I do not know if he was serious or if he had a few too many drinks before the show.

These days you never know what is real and what is not. I listen to Kanye a little bit but I am not sure if he would make a good president. I mean I guess he couldn’t be any worse than previous presidents I suppose.

I think it is all for show or publicity. The guy has enough money and an ego to match.  it does not mean he would be a bad president, but it takes a lot more than that. A lot more. I just hope that if he is serious he learns some manners and does not interrupt people like he has with previous people.  He is well known for his interruptions.

It would be interesting to have a famous musician in the white house.  If he was president that means that his wife, Kim Kardashian would be the first lady. Say what? That is a whole other issue in itself.  She would be very fashionable but I cannot see her doing “first lady duties.” Can anyone else see her being a good first lady? In my opinion first ladies are classy. I do not think she fits in that category. She is best known for being a well known social media goddess and got many followers that way.  I just cannot see her being classy enough to be a first lady.  Again just my opinion.