Just Another Blogging Site


I was delighted and at the same time I’m sad. Lots of blogging sites sprouting like they have been born everyday inviting you to their site for the sake of blogging, writing or whatever it takes to attract writers. Of course who will benefit it from their invitation, them and us who write to their site. I’m just stating the fact about what’s going on in the blogging world. We couldn’t help but ask or notice that’s why they are here? Is it really for the blog, money, fame, acceptance? Maybe all of them are the answers, but whatever we do here we do it because we like it. That’s we do right?

We are just a vessel here able to share our thoughts, ideas, poems, love, everything under the sun. But the most intriguing part is you have the opportunity to know every blogger writing on this site. How they live the life they have, how they see life ahead of them, their fears, their longing, their love ones how they cherished them.¬† Each and everyone of us share what we regard in our lives. It’s how we in our creative command will deliver it to the readers.

As I can see this site is just another blogging site that cater us to write for the site and earn something. I just like to be positive enough to make out this. I’m not pessimistic nor cynical. If this site will give us another chance to be what we are for the last 2 years I will be glad to say we are back in business! But as for now I’m still holding¬† anything to cheer me up. I will try to write on this as often as I like but I’m not into something more than that. I just like stay this way for a moment.


JWRG 2015
Photo Credit: PIXABAY