Inside the train in France armed Knocked down

A pushed out in France by train control a lone survivor from the danger as the passengers three American hero and they are getting. That the Americans train passengers to travel in Europe. Suddenly they find out from a bathroom, and a young man hung AK47 rifle is being carried out in front of and inside the train. With the decision, they have jumped on by and read up on him and the ground. Moroccan citizen 26 years old that collect or deal with a young man with a gun also. Time to take away from all this with a sharp knife that he A neck to the American people. The American people and disagree another passengers were injured have been admitted to the hospital.

On Friday French high-speed train to city Erasers Talish This incident took place. Attacker Erasers station was to be arrested.

French President Frani Olanda about the Thank you very much. The US President Barack Obama praised the passengers in this. A statement by the White House that the two US troops It is said that the great praise, ‘more and more’ of a painful incident that the incident train to take.

Three Americans who Princeton and Alec Douglas member of the U.S. military. Anthony with the train from Amsterdam to Paris to spend their holiday. French authorities said that the incident has been three people were injured. Is one of them and one is stabbed by the bullets. The Train is a French Actor also has been injured. Be careful liver directions, successful results are not achieved to end legalized impediment to break the glass to cut off his hand.

The media reported that the arrested man, intelligence agencies knew, but Erasers until now with the police has not been able to speak.

On the other hand, Morocco Spain authorities have informed that until the year 2014 that the man almost a year in Spain. Then he can be in France. From there went to Syria once again to return to France. What is the reason for it is that he did attack plan is not clear yet. Source: The BBC, and Reuters.