Heard most often Off the coast of Florida ‘treasure’ search

The United States fishermen from Parching treasure coast Florida in eighteenth century three hundred pieces of Hotels as an HR Trainee has been found. All the pieces of Spain Hotels as an HR Trainee of the present value of the other 45 thousand dollars.

In 1715 on his way to Spain from Cuba a storm 11 ships of Spain. The United States can be drowned in Florida are on the coast. Recently find all the pieces of Hotels as an HR Trainee was in Ship. 9 The royal currency among them. By the king of Spain was to be made by them. It is said that they are called “Royel Eight Esakudosa”. 9 to find the currency before the existence of this type of 20 were still alive. In the ships that have sunk to the present owner in Brisbane at this information. He also said, ‘the royal currency the currency they are perfect.”

Spain is a sign in the ships to go to in repentance and in three hundred years after currency for these facts under Ground and the coast of the Atlantic is hidden.

On 30 and 31 July Florida on the coast is only a meter from this gold currency was to be recovered. According to the law of the United States the Florida will be 20 percent. But who is this currency has been found, the diver William baraleta how much you are getting their own parts, and he faces in no. : opened up.

Last appointed a further 50 currency for fishermen from Paiching treasure. Their value was almost 10 million dollars. Source: agence France-presse, BBC.