How to keep safe your Browser

“Chrome Browser” to browse the Internet, many people who are the first to assess. And why not the Chrome browser for secure browsing that does not have all the facilities that are la another browser. Today I will discuss the Chrome browser that’s a nice feature. However, before he had to say a few words.

If your PC is not in doubt, do not you read a lot of trouble? Particularly with regard to internet surfing. History browsing, etc. a lot of different kinds of Saved Password. What would happen if you do more with your other software, such as Secure Password Protection could be? But it is not possible … because this facility is not available in all browsers. Just have this feature in Google Chrome.
In order to do this we need your Chrome extension. This kind of your Online Session, web services, passwords, browser data, etc. things that Secure. The browser has some security systems, but they are unable to complete the form. Some Chrome extension. However, I have extensions that are able to function fully complete and fully browser security. But it does not mean that these types of Malware and Hacker of your browser will not save you from infection; these are just your browser, you can prevent anyone other than the physical.
First, your browser extensions “Incognito Mode” to choose Enable. Once you press the Next button to Enable.

The next step you FAQ (Frequently Asked Question) section to see. What more secure way to keep your browser extensions, and it should have been a lot of tips; If you want to read. If you have any “Non Windows Operating System” from the drop down list if you are using to pick your operating system. When you’re done, press the Next button to go to the next step.

In this step you will see the Extension Security Settings. Here are four of the Widgets. Each individual has his own Short Settings. If you need to change it to. If you do not like everything could change again with the Reset option.

Now the day of your Password. According to the options left to the end of each of the tasks. Press the Save button to turn on the Password Protection. Automatic Lock you can turn to the browser. When the system is turned on after a certain time, your browser will be the Automatic Lock.

Enable Security Mode in the PC, you do not have to. PC Task Manager to terminate the extension. Open any other software program as a result of this extension will automatically Closed. Enable Security Mode, so of course he would.

Another advantage of this extension of the two of you using it to block unwanted sites also keeps.