People Power can have a positive influence or a negative influence

Abuse children and victims from being bullied is like broken glass. Inside they have been shattered, emotional damaged. The school New year has started 2015. I wonder how many children are going to be centered out to be bullied. Bullying won’t stop until everyone gets involved to help send out messages to stop other children being victims from bullies.

How I define a bully, to me they do coward acts to impress maybe their friends or peer pressure trying to fit in the crowd. While others suffer. My grandma would tell me all the time growing up to watch the words I bring out of my mouth because the wrong words that targets another to hurt them are the words one can’t take back. The tongue is like a two edge sword.

From light of my own experiences I was a victim of being bullied. My bullies would be hiding in allies, or with a gang of others when they would bullied me to and from school. I believe they bullied me because I was different. Having that I had attend Mennonite schools it was mandatory for me to wear dresses that were passed my knees. I was always dressed modesty. I believe bullies have no one reason to choose out their victims for they make up their own conclusion in how they pick their victims.

Some victims from child abuse to victims being bullies are just overwhelming where they are pushed to their last straw so in their minds they believe they only way out from being bullied ever again is to take their own lives but I am here today as a survivor that is not the answer that will solve the problem. The family that loves them dearly are left behind to pick up the broken pieces. Don’t be part of the problem try to be part of the solution.

People can have power over others. Such as; bullies they way they pick out their victims they are weaker so the bullies think. Remember this-some people who does the bulling may also some psychological or emotional or mental  problems they may had to adore from something from their past too.  Being a victim from bullying had an impact in my life today as adult. I live with the fear of making friends, fitting in a crowd. Bullying can happen anywhere not just in schools, it can happen from families, in churches, places person works at, internet bullying,own children and Facebook and other social websites.  Only way I found any peace in my life is to forgive and let go.  To overcome bullying and not be target one has to not allow anybody have that power over them.

No matter if your survivor as I am from child years of abuse or bullying the only person who can change you is yourself. Either be part of the crowd being a bully, let your past haunt you to no ends or stand up and fight back and do something about it. Make positive changes in your life and don’t allow people over power you. Be assertive and let your voice be heard and get involved to stop the violence. Every person has the power to encourage one another with positive words that will uplift one another. Everyone was created different with their own characteristic’s, their own personality. God created us all the same it be one boring world to live in. We can learn from each other, cry and laugh together an d bear one another’s burdens and help one another.

I challenge everyone today to find someone in their lives could be a friend, a family member, a neighbor, or a stranger to help to spread the message of God’s love, show some kindness, a smile, a kind word goes further than a hateful unkind words. Are you wanting to be a spectator or a participant?  Ask yourself, What ways can God use you to help other’s? Come down to it, we need each other to help to get where God wants us to go in life? Don’t let the power of negative people influence to fall into sin. Instead allow the power of positive people to influence you to move forward and to help heal. Let us come and join together and build one another up in love as each part does it works.