Fix The Internet: An Advocacy

Almost everyday, my Facebook feeds is packed with rants and complaints about the government, society and life in general. Honestly, I can say that I am a part of this widespread negativism I see from day to day. With all the problems we face, it is human nature to speak out one’s pain and inconvenience. Life is harsh sometimes.

Last night, while browsing my social media stream of rants and occasional pictures of mirth and celebration, I had this idea: that I want to play the advocate for a positive social media environment. But I also have this in mind: is it really possible? Will this advocacy spark an interest from people? Will it create a ripple effect?

Then I looked at myself. I realized, I have to start with myself. I have to start with my own lifestyle and own way of expressing my emotions. I need to be the champion of my own advocacy. Who will believe me if my social media posts and statuses offer the same thing that I want to change?

So I have this in mind. I call this idea #FixTheInternet. It is not a new concept. I  have already read this in the past. I have already seen this hashtag over social media. But it was reinforced to me just last night. Let us all #FixTheInternet, but first, let us all #FixOurThoughts.

Life is full of things we can be thankful of. Life has a lot to offer than just inconvenience and pain and frustrations. Life is positive, not negative. What makes it negative is the way we perceive things and the way we accept these things. After all, when we believe that the positive will always outweigh the negative, it is enough reason to celebrate.