How do you schedule…

How do you schedule your writing time?

Currently, I am not working, so I am trying things on line to make money, one of which is one of my passions, writing.

I write for/on four different sites.  Don’t think I can say the names of the other three, so I won’t, but of course on of them is SkyPip.

What I write are mostly blog-type and poetry posts.

I frequent the other three sites that I write on more frequently than I do SkyPip, because frankly, I am not a big fan of the whole “SEO” requirement thing. ;p

What do during the day is necessary chores in the morning: walking the dog/weeding/whatever Mom asks me to do that day.  Then after I’m done with that, it’s often lunch time, and after I do Bible study the afternoon (sometimes a little bit of morning) is time for me to write.

What I try to do is write four posts on the other sites that I write on, and at least one on here.

I am really not sure what happened today, but I have four posts already on the other three sites on which I write (not including Fan, I’m talking about paid writing sites) and this will be the fourth post I am writing here on Sky Pip today.

What sort of writing schedule to you make for yourself during the day, if you do?  Do you write on other sites besides SkyPip (just yes or no, as I don’t think you’re supposed to name them)?  Do you make a goal for yourself as far as how many posts you make a day, or how many points/cents/dollars you try to make?

It would be interesting to see/read about what other Sky Pipper’s methods are. 🙂