Have Any of You Reached Payout Here?

I have not been very active here.I have been informed that we get bonus for posting every day,we can have a first time cash out at $5 etc.Many have been hinting that this site is similar to the old CGP Gallery.The administration has come forward to deny this.

Much as I would like to be very active here interacting with other members,I do not want to be taken for a ride,like I was at CGP.
I would like to know,have any of you cashed out?Or are any of you near cash out?I have not seen any posts saying any body has  cashed out.May be I have missed the post.If so I hope some body  please  point it out.

The trend among writing sites are like this.A site is started,many members join.There are advertisements and revenue.Many do not like advertisements.But we would be paid only if the site generates revenue.So we are glad that revenue is being generated.We patiently post and interact.

Come payment date,we hear that there will be a delay.So okay,we wait.Then there will be gaps in the responses from administration.After a time,posts complaining about non-payment will appear.

There will be dead silence on the part of the admin.

We have to be positive,right.So though some leave the site,many will keep posting,generating revenue ,all the while hoping for the best. In some cases,they may own up and request us to save our posts. But this is rare.

Then one fine morning the site will be gone.We may be informed in some cases.But some do not even say anything,like CGP.

So,what is it like here in SkyPip?Has anybody been paid?Will anybody be paid? Or you are not sure,but keep writing hoping for the best?

I do wish I would get some answers.