God and Human: Influence on Animal Behavior

Animals differ from humans in many ways.

If the animals tried to outwit the humans, they did not succeed. They were caught and often they were killed and eaten by the humans. The animals wanted to keep their family safe. They asked the humans for an answer and they provided the animals place in the zoos. This meant that humans could come and mock the animals and thereby make them lose prestige.

The animals realized that this was not going to help them and so they set up their home deep in the jungle far away from humans. The forest was ruled by a magic sprite named Frenjel, a god who controlled the wind. She was very beautiful but was actually very afraid of the animals.

So, Frenjel decided to get the help of the Nature God Margal. The god Margal was cunning and so she devised a method to set a hierarchy in the forest. Every animal would be given one duty and since they are busy doing this, they would not have time to trouble Frenjel.

The animals were asked to gather in the forest clearing and gather around the campfire when the moon rose up in the sky. There the gods would decide what task each of the animals had to do.

The fish was asked to follow the water current by the gods. It went off to do that. The gods then told the jackal to follow the animals that hunted. The zebra was asked to keep ahead of all other animals. The lion was asked to follow all animals since this would keep the lion away from the gods’ territory. Then the monkey came by. There was no action now to give to the monkey. So, the Nature God came up with a brilliant idea.

“As for you and your family, follow the sky!”