Global Warming Warning

Our planet is getting hotter and a lot are looking into global warming not just a concept but a threat tithe environment and humankind we have to face.  In the past years we have seen devasting weather changes.  In fact, several typhoons have ravaged the country like it was the end of the world.  And in every devasting blow hundreds if not thousands have died.  The impact nature has on human lives can not be taken lightly.  In as much as we what to feel superior over all things, we are still in the clutches of nature.  And humans have offended Mother Nature for so long now.  And we are reaping the consequences of our actions.

The Planet is Saying Stop

humans are the only species that have literally changed the face of the earth to a magnitude that it has reshape do the landscape to a great dismal degree.  Simply put, we have plundered too much without thinking about the future.  Our planet has its ways to regulate life on it.  The seasons, the global changes and even down to the minute transformations within microscopic level are nature’s way to regulate conditions for life.  Unfortunately, the trash, the pollution and the devastation we are dishing out is far too much for the planet.  As such temperatures have been out of the usual.  Weather conditions have turned from bad to worse and the replenishment of the resources have been slower than ever.  It is a way for nature to say that it is taking too much it can handle.  It is telling us to stop.

Man’s Future

I can only wonder what future is in stor for us.  Whether it is something pleasant or otherwise it is all up to what we do now.  There end dare many things that we have done that is hard or impossible to reverse.  Unless we use technology to help improve our conditions we cannot make it.  Unless we learn how to manage our resources and waste we are in grave danger.  Unless we recognize our own faults we will never realize that we need to act now.  Our future is in our hands.  But we must know that Mother Nature will sooner or later fight back.

Global warming is just one of the problems we face.  The destruction of nature, depletion or natural resources and the continuing worsening of environmental conditions are here to stay.  Unless we act right now.